Boosting budgets

Schools never have enough money for the exciting things.  The trouble is, the exciting things, shouldn’t be classed as just exciting things.  They are the essential things.

Barriers are mentioned a lot on this site.  We recognise them, but we can’t keep using them as excuses.  We’ve got to overcome them.

So, to make the exciting, essential things possible, here is the place to pick up some top tips for generating income – make sure it is used well and for some of the ideas explored on this site.

Please send your ideas and the good ones will be included.

  • Non-uniform days – Make this the last day of every half-term – children pay £1 to come to school in non-uniform.  No effort at all, but you do the maths – a one-form entry school – £200ish x 6, a two-form entry school – £400 x 6, etc.
  • Easyfundraising – A no-brainer – Sign your school up here – and please use this link, because a school I know well will also benefit from the referral!  Promote this to parents and staff and every time they shop on-line, a donation is made to the school.  If every parent/staff-member/supporter signs up and spends just a little, it soon mounts up.
  • Happy School bag – Another no-brainer – visit – a simple clothing collection, you are given collection bags to give to parents, staff and supporters, they fill them with old unwanted clothes and rags, then they get collected and weighed and you get a cheque – simple.

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