EPIC Teaching – E = Excitement

As part of my top tips for Secondary teachers converting to Primary teaching, tip #3 is make your teaching EPIC

The E of EPIC stands for Excitement.

So what does excitement look like in the classroom.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Bringing things to life
  • Changing lesson structure
  • Classroom environment
  • Collaboration
  • Competition
  • Creative response – Music, Dance, Drama, Art
  • Culturally relevant
  • Exploration – not afraid to be wrong
  • Flexibility
  • Following their interests – go with the flow
  • Forest Schools
  • Generating their own questions
  • Good quality, variety of resources
  • Hooks and wows
  • Humour – role models – experts
  • Making it new/real
  • Modelling enthusiasm
  • New experiences
  • Outside classrooms
  • Problem solving
  • Progression
  • Purposeful – cross curricular learning – audiences for outcome
  • Rewards
  • Seeing improvement/progress
  • Start with a question
  • Talk
  • Technology/ICT
  • Trips visits and wow days

Please add your own suggestions with a comment below.

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