What makes good teaching?

So, what does make good teaching?

OFSTED have some criteria for overall teaching in a school, individual schools will have Teaching & Learning policies, parents will have some ideas for what they would like to see in the classroom and so have children!

There are many different opinions on what makes good teaching and this is what makes schools such fascinating places.  No two schools are ever the same.  The perfect formula for the perfect school or perfect lesson doesn’t exist.

We could look at the OFSTED definition of good teaching, we could look at endless tick-lists of criteria that schools create, but I thought it would be interesting to look at some notes from actual observed lessons to see what comments had been made and what top-tips could be picked up.

I had a trawl of the internet, and although I could find lots of pro-formas for making lesson observations, I couldn’t find any examples of these having been completed.

I’d like to build a collection here of lesson observation feedback (both good and bad!).  Please e-mail any observation feedback that you have given or received to innovatecreateeducate@yahoo.co.uk.  These can of course be quite personal documents, so anything published will be made anonymous. I will then upload them, ready for any comments.  It will be interesting to look for common themes and to see what hints and tips for good teaching come from this…

NQT Observation Sheet February 2007

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